Bringing features such as heart-smart ramping tones, color-changing lights, and text-to-speech readouts to each station, the Bryx Station alerting system will empower firefighters to serve their community safely, quickly, and efficiently.

About Bryx Station

Bryx Station is a full-featured alerting system that connects fire departments and EMS agencies around the globe, providing immediate alerts, full station automation, and improves response times. When a call comes in, the Bryx Station control unit alerts the house with heart-smart ramping tones, color-changing lights, and text-to-speech readouts. The system can perform tasks such as turning on/off stoves, opening/closing bay doors, and securing the building—automating the tasks that first responders have little time to complete.

Bryx Station works hand-in-hand with the company’s free mobile alerting and messaging application, Bryx 911. To learn more about Bryx’s products, visit

About Bryx, Inc.

Headquartered in Rochester, NY, Bryx is an employee-owned technology company and a trusted leader in reducing emergency response times. Their cloud-based platform helps firefighters, EMTs, and other first responders work faster, smoother, and smarter. The company’s free Bryx 911 mobile app and robust Bryx Station alerting system relay rich information to mobile devices and stations in parallel, with an average alerting time of 200ms. Both simple and powerful, Bryx’s patented and innovative solutions are proven to save time where time matters most. For more information, visit