ROCHESTER, NY, March 22nd, 2020 – Bryx, a leading provider of first responder technology products, has launched a new COVID-19 Critical Warning banner within its free Bryx 911 mobile alerting application. Keywords associated with the virus are systematically pulled from the supplemental data, triggering a banner that informs first responders of possible cases in which safety protocols and equipment may be necessary.

The company’s unique algorithm, used to trigger the COVID-19 Critical Warning banner, can be extended to provide warnings for future emergencies based on other criteria. This new development stems from Bryx’s demonstrated commitment to providing first responders with a wealth of information—improving not only the preparedness of first responders but the well-being and safety of both responders and the community at large.

The update is available for Android 4.3 or newer, iOS 13.0 or newer, and the universal app.

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Bryx 911 is a free mobile alerting and messaging app that provides enhanced communications and situational awareness for first responders. Receiving data directly from the CAD, Bryx 911 sends alerts to mobile devices, providing priority information about the scene along with routing and navigation tools. The mobile alerting and messaging app boasts industry-leading speed, content, and ease of use, and is completely free for first responders serving communities around the world. To learn more about the Bryx 911 app, visit

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Headquartered in Rochester, NY, Bryx is an employee-owned technology company and a trusted leader in reducing emergency response times. Their data-driven team develops innovative technology that helps firefighters, paramedics, and other first responders work faster, smoother, and smarter. The company’s free Bryx 911 mobile app and robust Bryx Station alerting system offer unrivaled alerting, messaging, and communications tools for first responders. Both simple and powerful, Bryx’s patented and data-driven solutions are proven to save time where time matters most. For more information, visit